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Orsova is a privileged tourist city located on the Danube , between the Mehedinti Mountains and Almaju Plateau , on the shore of Iron Gates . In town and around it you will find plenty of sights to visit Details

Orşova is a town in Mehedinti County, Romania . It is located on the shore of the Lake Iron Gates on the Danube , in the area where river Cerna meets the Danube .

The city of Orşova can be reached from the direction of Drobeta Turnu Severin , on the European road 70 or from the opposite direction of European road 70 , coming from Timisoara. Alternatively very picturesque , the national road 57 in the direction of Moldova Noua County, Caras-Severin. Also, you can get in Orșova by railway route Bucharest - Timișoara, or waterway in port Orșova , whose contact information you will find in useful information section.

Following the completion of the Lake Iron Gates I, the ancient hearth of the city was flooded in 1970 , and the population was moved to a new location , including the Danube terraces and Cerna and the southern slope of Almaj Mountains , where a completely new town was built (1966-1971) , which included the villages Jupalnic , Tufari and Coramnic. The distance from Orsova to Drobeta Turnu Severin is 30 km, neighboring villages are Eşelniţa (6 km ) , Topleţ (10 km) and the town Baile Herculane (16 km). Over the Danube in Serbia , the location is Tekija . The shortest road link between the two cities measures 35 km, over the bridge at the Iron Gates . The straight line distance between the two places is about 2 km.

According to the census conducted in 2011 , the population of Orsova amounts to 10 441 inhabitants , down from the previous census in 2002, when it had registered 12.965 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanian ( 86.91 %). The main minority is Czechs (1.27 % )





Orsova County is a prime tourist city located on the Danube , between the Mehedinti Mountains Almajului Plateau, on the shore of Iron Gates

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